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A little bit about me – My story

Hi! My name is Ula Burgiel and I’m a photographer. I love to do different kinds of photography such as: studio portraits live music events weddings fashion coverage […]

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How to look good in pictures – Posing and Photographer’s Tricks

Getting ready to have your pictures taken? Here’s my checklist to make you look your best in the camera lens: 1. Prepare your skin and let it regenerate […]

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The Reunion – Surviving Milan Design Week

A Design Week Reunion. If you work in the design industry Milan Design Week can feel like a school reunion. Whether it is indeed your; school friends, friends […]

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7 tips to improve your business with photography and branding

Graphic design, branding and photography – they all enhance your business and bring it to the next level. It’s not just a spare luxury – it’s a must […]

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7 tips for live music photography – Mediaeval Baebes Christmas concert

Recently I photographed the Mediaeval Baebes’ Christmas concert at the famous St James’s Church Piccadilly in London. It was a beautiful and a very high standard performance in […]

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Louis Vuitton Exhibition in London

The world of Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton bags and suitcases are one of the most famous items in the fashion world. After so many years of being present […]

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6 tips for a better wedding reportage

As with many forms of photography wedding photographs can be subjective. At the very least, the wedding reportage should capture the emotions of the day. You should certainly […]

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London Fashion Week (part 2)

Even though I was pretty new to the process I managed to capture a few models and actors in a very interesting way. Sometimes they were looking straight […]

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London Fashion Week (part 3)

In conclusion: Taking photos of the celebrities at Louis Vuitton event was one of the most exciting things that happened to me since I’ve started following my photography […]

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