Alternative rock through my lens

Knifeworld gig – photographing the event.

On the 19th of August in London the alternative rock band Knifeworld played a packed out venue called the Lexington. Armed with my camera and enjoying the change from my regular work I took advantage of the contrast illumination, the metallic surfaces of instruments reflecting light and the extraordinary artists – a perfect environment for photography.

DSC_0535-Knifeworld-gig-in-London19August2015-006Melanie Woods, Chloe Herington, Ben Woollacott, Oliver Sellwood

Stage Light – opportunity for great shots.

There were different types of colourful stage lights, this is always a great opportunity to take some great shots. I’ve never been afraid of scuffling with a crowd for a photo, especially at the front of stage, so I experimented with different angles and composition. The fact that musicians have (mostly) shiny instruments on stage gives you the advantage to play with depth of field and to get some extra light reflection. I always find this an interesting final touch with photographs.

Photographing a live event is generally spontaneous. You can capture very natural and relaxed expressions without the artist faking it. Personally I like it when they’re not focused on camera but elsewhere. It reminds me of photographing random people in London who enjoy city’s views and architecture. The relaxed poses and focused facial expressions are sometimes priceless.

DSC_0535-Knifeworld-gig-in-London19August2015-006Kavus Torabi, Charlie Cawood, Ben Woollacott

Capturing the atmosphere.

One of the fun things photography can give is capturing a passing moment with all emotions attached. Knifeworld’s repertoire includes very complex music that demands the audience’s full attention which I attempted to capture in this the photo below.
Remember, it’s not the technical perfection which makes the shot great; it’s about catching the right feeling. For example, looking at the photo months or even years after the event and still being able to feel the atmosphere – that’s one of your goals.

DSC_0535-Knifeworld-gig-in-London19August2015-006Emmett Elvin, Kavus Torabi, Charlie Cawood, Ben Woollacott, Melanie Woods




DSC_0535-Knifeworld-gig-in-London19August2015-006Melanie Woods


Knifeworld gig in London 19August2015 007 photo Ula BurgielEmmett Elvin


In Conclusion.

I really enjoyed the night and photo opportunity. I can’t wait to have more experiences like this to better my photography skills. I’ve given some guidelines as to what I think make great photos. Try them and see if they work for you.

Let me know your thoughts.

Have you got a similar experience to share or a tip to add – feel free to comment below. I’m curious about your thoughts.

Feel free to use these photographs.

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These are unusual and great shots. Thanks! EE

September 7, 2015 (23:43) - Reply
Ula Burgiel
Ula Burgiel

Thank you Emmett! I’m glad you like it 🙂 Ux
p.s. Great show! I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the next one.

September 8, 2015 (09:27) - Reply

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